Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Live Lohengrin aus Wien am Freitag

Live this Friday from Vienna:

It's a new production of Lohengrin; it's pay per view; and it's available in prime time—no matter where you live. (I think I just sprained my brain). 

Actually, it's live in Vienna at 5 PM, making it live in New York at around 11 AM (if I am calculating my Daylight Savings Time correctly). However, you can arrange see a delayed transmission in any time zone you want. Those innovative Austrians! 

Here is the link to the Wiener Staatsoper's websiteAnd here's who we have to thank for this new production:

Michaela Martens | Ortrud
Detlef Roth | Heerrufer

Mikko Franck | Conductor
Andreas Homoki | Director
Wolfgang Gussmann | Stage and costume design
Franck Evin | Light Design
Werner Hintze | Dramaturgie
Thomas Bruner | Bühnenbildmitarbeit
Carl-Christian Andreasen | Kostümmitarbeit

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