Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Brunch – Arleen Auger sings Brahms

Last Thursday, blogger  at opera, innit? posted a clip of Arleen Auger as Alcina. At the conclusion of that wonderful performance, YouTube (being the great time-sink of the interwebz that it is) offered me another Auger clip. This is from a performance of the Brahms Requiem under the direction of Sergiu Celibidache. 

This has got to be the slowest performance on record. But rather than sounding static, it gave me a sense of being suspended in time. At some points, it almost threatens to go backwards. It's gorgeous. And best of all, soprano Arleen Auger is undaunted by the slow tempo. Kudos also to the chorus and orchestra for keeping the line moving. Exquisite!  

You now have sorrow; 
but I shall see you again 
and your heart shall rejoice 
and your joy no one shall take from you.

Behold me:I have had for a little time toil and torment, 
and now have found great consolation. 

I will console you, 
as one is consoled by his mother.


  1. Cheers for the shout-out, I got quite a bit of traffic via your blog! Poor Brahms, he's hit and miss with me. My Romantic gene must be recessive or something.

    1. As a choral singer, the Requiem has always been near and dear to me. Other Brahms I go in and out of love with. It's my pleasure to send some traffic your way!


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