Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wozzeck aus dem Opernhaus Zürich mit Herr Gerhaher

© Monika Rittershaus
I haven’t had a chance to watch/listen to this new performance of Wozzeck yet—I did do a quick random click-through just to get a taste. But I wanted to call attention to this performance on It looks very interesting—almost a Punch and Judy-like setting. Based on the cast, it should be very well sung.

What is it about Wozzeck that attracts fine Lieder singers?

P.S. Sorry. I couldn't disable the accursed auto-play for this post, so I am settling for posting this link.


  1. I have the Blu-ray on order. Having seen Gerhaher sing Winterreise I'm really intrigued

    1. I am sure he's amazing in it. Someday I hope to like/appreciate Wozzeck as much as I do Lulu.


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