Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Winterreise Preview – New Release from Jonas Kaufmann

I don't normally condone pirating music that one can actually purchase commercially, but in this case, it's not yet available in the U.S. So... here are some clips from JK's new recording of Die Winterreise. 

Save up your Deutschmarks, Francs, Pounds, or bucks, because the official U.S. release date is April 1!


  1. Thanks for the preview! Very useful since I misquoted the release date to a serious Kaufmann fan.

    1. In another, earlier post, I listed something like 2/24, which turns out was the European release date. If you got that from my blog, I apologize!

    2. Ah, no idea where I got that date, could have been anywhere, it's a global information economy. Which makes me wonder why they still do staggered release dates.

  2. He kills whatever beauty there is in the work ...he is too busy trying
    to show what an artist he is ...there is nothing "natural " about his work such as
    in the great Souzay . He is a very limited singer and much the same in everything he does .


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