Sunday, June 24, 2018

Herheim’s Boheme – Must See DVD

So, this arrived yesterday. Everyone leave me alone. 
It’s a very Boheme Sunday. I’ll be back later to discuss. 


  1. It's the best La Bo available on DVD, period.

    1. Hi! I was very impressed. I'd only seen Acts 1 & 2...without hearing Herr Herheim's introduction. The whole production makes so much sense. (I got kind of tired of "Death" hanging around and grimacing.) But once I understood that Rodolpho drew the hospital staff into his fantasy to replay his time with Mimi, it made a lot of sense.

      In addition to this one, I rather enjoy the Bregenz Seebühne version with Villazon.

      AND I've grown to appreciate (but not love) Guth's recent outing with it in Paris.

    2. I haven't watch Guth's Solaris/Space Odyssey Boheme, the idea kind of put me off, but perhaps I should have.

    3. Well, my current outlook is the original book on which the opera is based framed the stories as reflections on the past. (I’ve been reading Charles Osborne’s.m “The Complete Operas of Puccini” which goes in depth on the original plays/books on which the operas are based.)

      So putting this “flashback” frame around the opera is legit. One may quibble that a given frame is distracting and I admit I found Guth’s was pretty far out. That said, I think it’s always worth a look at his work. He usually does a great job on the Personenregie.

    4. P. S. Reflecting on Herheim’s “Death” dude, I keep remembering that the entire production is taking place in Rodolpho’s head as he tries to make sense of Mimi’s death and what led up to it. So if I don’t like that character, I should blame Rodopho, not Stefan.


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