Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Lieder Board - Recitals from Schwarzenberg and Schwetzingen

Benjamin Appl, Baritone
On Austrian Radio Ö1 from Schwarzenberg – available for 7 days after the (first broadcast):
Diana Damrau (June 29)
**Benjamin Appl (July 1)

And later this summer:
Luca Pisaroni (August 26)

The Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele – archived for about a year (and you can also herunterlauden (download) many of them):
Christiane Karg (All Baroque – not Lieder, per se)
Philippe Jaroussky (from 2014)

Of course, in Schwetzingen, there's lots more than lieder. They have choral music, solo instrumental recitals, and chamber music programs, too.  
Here is the full 2015 archive list.

**Update 7/3/15 - I was just starting to think I really wasn't into Lieder anymore. But after listening to Herr Appl's recital twice and a half, I am totally back in! Don't miss this programme!


  1. lol One of these Schwetzinger things is not like the others. How did Altan get in there?

    1. That's just a red herring...or maybe a green herring....

  2. Herunterlaudening right now - thanks :)

  3. Ooh - just look at all that recital goodness! This weekend may involve some serious herunterlauden activity, I think. Thanks, Rob.

    1. So viel zum herunterlauden, so weing Zeit!
      I'm still hooked on Benjamin Appl...


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