Monday, December 30, 2013

Jonas Merchant and Angelika Cherry Pop (Not About Music)

Thank you, Google Translate, for alternately (and sometimes simultaneously) confusing and amusing me with your oh-so-literal (and frequently inconsistent) translations. Sometimes you automatically translate even when I don't ask you to; these are the most confusing times of all!

Jonas Merchant
Angelika Cherry Pop*

*At least Kaufmann=merchant makes sense...


  1. Angelika Cherry Pop sounds like a very sweet but secretly dangerous cocktail (and I don't know how GT got "pop" from "schlager" either.)

    1. Well, schlager means a popular song...

    2. Thanks Juha, I was just heading there. I've seen Schalger in reference to hit songs (hits), and most hit songs are pop(ular) songs, so that makes TOTAL sense.

      Meanwhile, Lucy, for my next party, I think I'll make Angelika Cherry Pop the house drink. Kirsch, vodka, and....hmmmm

    3. lol Maybe it's the extra "s"?

    4. may have a point :-)


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