Friday, December 11, 2015

Rinat Shaham in Cendrillion at La Monnaie on The Opera Platform

One of my favorite mezzos, Rinat Shaham, as Massenet's Cendrillion at La Monnaie. This broadcast is available starting today from The Opera Platform (an offshoot of Arte Concert, where you can also see Anna Netrebko and Francesco Meli in Verdi's Giovanna d'Arco

Here's an excerpt from Cendrillion with Rinat Shaham and Sophie Marilley:

Note: you may want to track down a libretto (here is one in French only) since the website says: Kindly supported by La Monnaie, THE OPERA PLATFORM presents CENDRILLON free of charge as video on demand. This opera is a full-length performance offered in addition to our regular programme. Therefore subtitles will not be provided.


  1. Ah, something to do in the holiday aftermath! Thanks Rob!

    btw your listing has disappeared from my blog roll, and I can't seem to re-add it. Is this a purposeful setting on your end (in which case I'll desist) or some annoying thing Blogger's up to?

    1. I watched the first half last week and the second half last night. Mezzo attack!!!Sophie Marielly is a very convincing in black tie and tails(and I think the whole cast is quite good.)

      And, apparently Blogger is messing with us. I definitely would not do anything to keep people from calling attention to my blog! :)


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