Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Even More Mozart – from Dorothea Röschmann and Christian Gerhaher

And then there are these two fairly new discs, which I actually got a few weeks ago. 

The DR program is a known quantity from the radio broadcast of the concerts last year. It's remains a wonderful program; and I continue to wish someone would cast her as Vitellia again...soon...and somewhere I can hear her (and hopefully see her, too.) I also wonder, as her voice darkens wonderfully, if she (and any impresario) would consider taking on Dorabella. She’d be awesome in any variety of interpretations (insane, oversexed, neurotic, naïve, or any combination thereof.)

The GG program is completely new on my radar. Also, taken from live performances last year, this concert contains the usual suspects as far as arias go, but GG has made an effort to create a program with an overarching theme. While the DR concert had an entire Mozart piano concerto in the middle of it* (not included on the CD), GG's disperses the four movements of Symphony no. 36 throughout his program (and not in symphony order.) On paper it sounds messy and/or contrived; but in hearing, I think it works quite well. 

These discs (as well as the Clemenza I mentioned yesterday, plus both recently observed Zauberflöten) call for separate posts that are more review-like (vs. the wow! look what I found! type of post.)  

*I still think there was a missed opportunity here to program the concert aria (with piano), "Ch'io mi scordi di te? ... Non temer, amato bene;" but for some reason they didn't ask me when they were planning the concert.


  1. They should definitely have conducted a poll - I would have voted for "non temer, amato bene" too :) I find I sort of missed the piano concerto on the CD, even though I know it wouldn't make sense to leave it in. It was a nice little break between the two halves of the DR part of the program.

    1. I suppose once could always pause the CD, and switch to a concerto halfway through. But that seems a bit too interactive for me these days!


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