Sunday, March 6, 2016

In Memorium Nikolaus Harnoncourt

RIP Nikolaus Harnoncourt: cellist, conductor, musicologist, musician, artist. This man helped influence my love of Bach (through his chamber music recordings, the B-minor Mass, St. Matt Passion, the Gamba sonatas, and, especially his participation in the intrepid Bach cantata series on Telefunken). Later he taught me to listen to Mozart (and Beethoven and Schumann, and even Brahms and Verdi) in different ways. Fortunately, his expansive recorded legacy ensures that he will always be with us.

Speaking of Mozart, here is the finale from his quintessential 2003 La Clemenza di Tito.


  1. :-( what a truly cool dude. You probably know this anecdote but I'll tell it anyway: Luca Pisaroni was talking about auditioning for Harnoncourt when he was just starting out and hoped to get a foot in the door with Masetto. He sang very neatly and when he finished Harnoncourt said "That's very good but the public isn't here for a voice lesson, they're here to see a character."

    1. The story sounds familiar but it's nice to hear it again. LP certainly took NH's advice to heart! HE always is a character! Even when he's not on stage--or so it seems :-)


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