Saturday, February 3, 2018

Operas Online (Now and Later) from La Monnaie

This is a quick reminder to myself, as well as to my readers that La Monnaie makes all of its productions available online, for at least a limited period of time—not only on their own website, but on other platforms, too. (For example, Dialogues des Carmelites is no longer on the La Monnaie site, but you can still see it via OperaVision.)

Their productions are always interesting, often provocative, and feature outstanding directors, conductors, and singers.
So many little time.


  1. Don't know about always (remember Audi's Tamerlano/Alcina?), though most of the time they are interesting.

    1. Fair enough, and as I have trouble with Handel opera seria anyway, I did not actually see those. All the La Monnaie productions I've seen have been interesting. And most of them have been provocative in some way or another.

      Note to self: Never use definitive statements (see what I did there?)


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