Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Interlude – Mitridate: Lungi da te mio bene

The mature Mozart would have taken less time to say the same thing. However I never notice the length* of this gorgeous performance; I am just mesmerized by Miah Persson's voice and the beauty of the melodies.  I just watched the whole opera again on Sunday afternoon; I'll delve further into this strange but beautifully-sung production in a later post (or two).

Miah Persson sings "Lungi da te mio bene" 
From the M22 Mitridate - Salzburg 2006

*Actually, the last minute-plus of this clip is the ovation.                                           


  1. http://youtu.be/bKC3UACXvzM

  2. Hi Anonymous, Thanks for posting that link to another lovely performance of Lungi da te mio bene:

    Sifare - Anna Bonitatibus
    Prinzregententheater, München, 21. July 2011
    The Bavarian State Orchestra
    Conductor: Ivor Bolton


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