Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bernarda Fink Sings Brahms: die Mainacht

I have been a fan of Bernarda Fink's Bach and Handel for a while now; and I have been exploring Lieder of Schumann and Schubert lately. 

OK, those things don't really connect, except they do now. I came across this recording of Brahms Lieder by Frau Fink, and I am enthralled. 

Although I know the symphonies, major choral works, and a lot of piano music by Brahms, I don't know many of his Lieder, (except, of course, Vergebliches Staendchen, and the Weigenlied.) Lots of Lieder texts are about the month of May and/or night; this one is my new favorite (audio player and text are below the jump):

Wenn der silberne Mond durch die Gesträuche blinkt,
Und sein schlummerndes Licht über den Rasen geußt,
  Und die Nachtigall flötet,
    Wandl' ich traurig von Busch zu Busch.

Überhüllet von Laub girret ein Taubenpaar
Sein Entzücken mir vor; aber ich wende mich,
  Suche dunklere Schatten,
    Und die einsame Thräne rinnt.

Wann, o lächelndes Bild, welches wie Morgenrot
Durch die Seele mir strahlt, find' ich auf Erden dich?
  Und die einsame Thräne
    Bebt mir heißer die Wang' herab!!

Here is a link to an English translation.


  1. I like her CD of Dvořák's songs too - can't understand a word, but nice music & singing.

    1. What? is her diction that bad.... Oh! she's singing in Czech. Right. :)
      Is that the disc that Genia Kuhmeier (sorry, no umlauts today) sings on, too?

    2. I realized after I wrote that that it might sound like a slam on her diction! Not what I meant - it's my ignorance of Czech.

      No Genia Kühmeier on this one as far as I can tell. It's on HM, from 2004, with Roger Vignoles on the piano. (Listening to Kühmeier HA HA UMLAUT right now as a matter of fact singing Haydn's Jahreszeiten. Very pretty.)

    3. I knöw. I was tëasing yoü.

    4. Got it - I was a little slöw on the uptake there :)

    5. We were blinded by ümlauts from the land of Umlautia.

  2. Thanks for sharing! As you continue to explore Brahms lieder, CHRISTA LUDWIG.

    1. You're welcome, and (slapping forehead) of COURSE Christa Ludwig! Thanks for the reminder!


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