Thursday, October 18, 2012

Additional Blog Posts I Wish I had Written

Now and then, I come across a blog post that really speaks to me.  It might be deep, thoughtful, spiritual, analytic, or just silly. Here are a few more that I wish I had written. 
When I was getting ready to start my blog, I looked around to see who else was writing.  Fortunately I didn’t do too much research, or I probably would have given up before my first post.  

Intermezzo dares to say many things that the rest of us would only think. 
I especially enjoy the comments in Carmen without bull regarding Kozcena and Kauffman’s chemistry (or lack thereof) in their Salzburg performances of Carmen.

I really like Likely Impossibilities, partly because Zerbinetta is there live at the performances she discusses, and partly because she calls it like she sees it. 
In Putting it together: The art of revival we find out why Zerbinetta would rather see a hot Regie mess than a middlebrow revival.

A lot of folks see something onstage that doesn't quite make sense, and they either ignore it or dismiss it by more or less saying, "That's stupid!"
The Earworm, however, spends time thinking about it. This blog inspired me to start my own. I admire the way the writer considers issues beyond who took the optional high notes and who flatted at the end of their big aria. This is the orginal Bernice's Potato discussion.

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