Friday, October 5, 2012

Gratuitous Friday – Eric Stoklossa Sings Handel

I first encountered Eric Stoklossa as Aljeja in this DVD of From the House of the Dead. He also made his Met debut in this roleand was in most if not all of the European iterations of the Chéreau production. The Met performances seem to be his only visit to the U.S. However according to his website he is active in Europe as a concert soloist. In addition to all the major sacred choral works, he has the major Mozart roles and more in his repertoire. I managed to track down a few arias on YouTube, including this lovely Handel excerpt.   

Herr Stoklossa has a very light lyrical voice, with a pleasant tight (meaning not wide or wobbly) vibrato.  One hopes to hear and see more of in the near future. 

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