Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Brunch – Schubert: Fierrabras (Finale)

And speaking of Fierrabras (well, I was speaking about Fierrabras in yesterday's post), here, to round out our JK weekend, is the finale of Act 2. The choral, solo, and orchestral writing is lovely. It's too bad it never goes anywhere dramatically. 

In this scene, director Claus Guth makes a virtue out of the lack of real drama and pokes a bit of fun at the stiltedness of the finale by having Schubert hand out the vocal parts and move the singers to their places. Note that Schubert doesn't seem to have a folder for Fierrabras, who in fact has very little to sing in the finale (in spite of being the title character.) Fierrabras makes his annoyance known to the composer.  (I love it when directors create a self-referential bit like this.)

I love JK's expression that seems to say:
"He has a score, why can't I have one?"

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