Friday, October 11, 2013

Gratuitous Friday – Boaz Daniel (and Jonas Kaufmann) in Don Carlo

Among the cast of thousands in the Bayerische Staatsoper La Fanciulla del West, one of the standout singers (besides the obvious) is baritone Boaz Daniel as Sonora. I decided he'd be good for a gratuitous post, so I took to the Toob of U to find a clip. Lo and behold, who should be in this clip from Don Carlo with Mr. Daniel but...Jonas Kaufmann. This is the famous duet, warmly sung and acted; check especially the interaction that takes place during the orchestral coda. This is one of the official videos from the BSO. Happy Friday.


  1. Yes! The BSO's "Posa wears one black glove" production. I remember seeing the live broadcast.

    1. Hmmmm, and the significance of one black glove would be...?

    2. Rodrigo Strangelove had an eventful life before the PhD and the wheelchair, but after the "accident" he was never quite the same...

    3. Now THERE's a story that would make an interesting opera. Not necessarily a GOOD opera, but an interesting one. :)

    4. Agreed. (I am imagining him trying to control the gloved hand and gasping "Flanders! NO!")


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