Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rosenkavalier on Ö1 today, Live Stream Tomorrow - Sophie Sub

Ileana Tonca, scheduled to sing Sophie in the 2014 Wiener Staatsoper performances of Der Rosenkavalier, will be filling in for Mojca Erdmann as Sophie -- tonight on the radio and tomorrow on the live webcast

I don’t know why Erdmann is not singing these performances, but I’m not sad. 

Adam Fischer | Conductor
Rudolf Heinrich | Stage
Erni Kniepert | Costumes
Otto Schenk | Director
Renée Fleming | Feldmarschallin
Sophie Koch | Octavian
Peter Rose | Baron Ochs auf Lerchenau
Ileana Tonca | Sophie
Adrian Eröd | Faninal
Simina Ivan | Marianne Leitmetzerin
Thomas Ebenstein | Valzacchi
Ulrike Helzel | Annina
Walter Fink | Polizeikommissar
Peter Jelosits | Haushofmeister bei Faninal
Alfred Šramek | Notar
Jinxu Xiahou | Sänger
Hila Fahima | Modistin
Herwig Pecoraro | Wirt
Gerhard Reiterer | Haushofmeister bei der Feldmarschallin


  1. I'm not sad about Erdmann either. (I am sad that I might have to miss the webcast tomorrow, though . . . but these things have a way of popping up on YT later on.)

    1. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile Ö1 did not make the audio available in their archive. Maybe the Staatsoper folks were afraid it would cut into their video stream revenue. I'd think it wouldn't because if you want to see it, you'd pay to see it (if you were free at the time.) But anyway...I am sure it will pop up somewhere on audio and/or video.


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