Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Glyndebourne, von Karajan, and Joyce DiDonato from France Musique

Because my French comprehension is less than optimal, I listen to France Musique less frequently than British and Austrian online radio. But France Musique offers many musical gems.

Lirico Spinto is the French equivalent of the Austrian Stimmen Hören. The episodes are available for much longer after their original broadcasts than their Austrian counterparts, and they are available as podcasts from iTunes, which you can subscribe to for auto-downloading—much handier than trying to record them with Audacity!) The most recent two programs are wonderful compilations:

Celebrating Herbert von Karajan on the 25th anniversary of his death, with recordings from Vienna of Mozart, Strauss, and Verdi. 

Celebrating the Glyndebourne Festival on the 80th anniversary of its birth, with live recordings old(er) and new(er) of Britten, Mozart, Rossini, and others. 

Meanwhile, in the complete opera broadcast department, France Musique celebrates Joyce DiDonato with two versions of the Cinderella story (available briefly):

Rossini's La Cenerentola from the Met with Juan Diego Florez (so they say, but I think it's really Javier Camerena—I've not listened to the whole thing yet—could it be from the opening night webcast, rather than the radio matinee?), and of course Luca Pisaroni. (until June 9, 2014). 

Massenet's Cendrillion from the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona also stars Alice Coote, Ewa Podles, and Annick Massis (until June 25, 2014) 


  1. No, it's not Javier Camarena but Juan Diego Florez as indicated. His voice is unmistakable from his very first note.

    1. Thanks for confirming that. It must be the webcast. Unfortunately, every time the Met hosts speak, the France Musique announcer talks over them!


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