Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Mozart – Charles Castronovo is Tito (Audio Only)

Big-voiced, but still agile, CC is a convincing and impressive Tito. Oh, and by the way this 2006 recording is commercially Europe. Looky who else was in this performance!  (sigh)

Tito's other two arias are after the jump. Thanks, tenorgoodfellow (clearly a Castronovo fan – and why not?), for posting these arias!


  1. Totally not fair that it's not available here! Though the last thing I need is probably more Titos . . .
    (this is earworm, in case the comment comes up anonymous)

    1. Yes, we both definitely need more Titos (Titi?) But this one IS enticing. Although Tito usually isn;t the big draw, I am intrigued by CC. Of course, he's no Richard Croft!


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