Thursday, May 29, 2014

Surprising (and Not so Surprising) Search Keywords

I just upgraded my stat counter (beyond the Blogger freebie to a product called, interestingly enough, StatCounter*). I do like to check my blogger stats to see which posts are getting the most clicks. 

While I am waiting for StatCounter to start tallying fun stats about my blog, I decided to take a look at what search terms are leading people my way.

Not surprising (in no particular order)

Tara Erraught
Jonas Kaufmann
Peter Mattei
Malin Hartelius
Miah Persson
Diana Damrau
Nina Stemme
Rolando Villazon
Alison Hagley
Ian Storey
Anja Harteros

Somewhat surprising (people are actually searching the title of the blog!)

regie or not regie

Totally surprising (I need to find this version of Idomeneo)

arbace porn videos

*Thanks to stray for directing me to StatCounter.


  1. I get a couple of people per month searching for "maria ewing nude"

    1. That at least kind of makes sense! I mean, at least she was!

  2. "People are actually searching the title of the blog" - that'll probably be me, @Rob :-) When your posts first go up, I often don't have time to watch the video clips right then. When I do have time later on, it's quick and easy to google "reg" (which my tablet knows to autocomplete to "regie or not regie") to go back and find the relevant posts. Which reminds me, I still haven't watched those Fierrabras clips...

    1. All those hits can't be ALL you :) but thank you! and do go watch Fierrabras! I think it's kind of fun.

  3. Hope it does what you need but let me know if you find something better.

    1. It provides hours of fun and a ton of (fairly) useless (to me) information. Thanks again for recommending it!

    2. Well, as long as there's at least a few lb. of interesting data in there somewhere...

  4. If you do find that version of Idomeneo, give us all a heads up.


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