Monday, May 26, 2014

Monteverdi Monday – Nerone in Love (Another Clip for the Otterphile)

Anne Sofie von Otter in pants again; this time as Nerone. She/he is so seduced...and we can see why. Mirelle Delunsch is a pretty irresistible Poppea! This performance was recorded in 2000. I haven't found a  recording of the whole performance yet, but there are more excerpts on the Toob. Look for them!!


  1. I did look for them some time ago and was handsomely rewarded.

    1. I found one or two more. Oh and thanks for the heads-up about ASvO in Hoffmann. I need to mention that in a separate post.

    2. Thanks for this link! Great for the Otter-Phile and the Durlovski fan!

    3. YW. I was pleased to see Durlovski too! From the quick sampling I did the other night, I think she (and Eric Cutler) sounds pretty darned good!


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