Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gratuitous Mattias Goerne Tannhäuser Clip

Sigh!  That's all.  Just: Sigh!

OK, you know me. I do have more to say. I initially purchased this album only because Dorothea Röschmann sings on three tracks (I posted two of them a while back). It's good go back and rediscover these gems! Overall I am not thrilled with the conducting on the Mozart, but when I skipped over to the Wagner...well, this is what a friend of mine would call schmalzando, especially the playout (after MG, sadly, stops singing).

Please enjoy this bit of Tuesday Tannhäuser (even though it's probably already Wednesday for most of my readers!)


  1. That's why I have it too! Though I did go back and buy the other tracks later, because as you say - worth it.

  2. The fragments of his Wagner I've heard have been wonderful.


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