Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gratuitous Dorothea Röschmann Post – If God Be For Us (Messiah)

Dorothea Röschmann is one of the singing actors who helped to reignite my interest in opera a few years ago. She got her “big break” doing early music, and many of these lovely recordings are still available. 

This is one of my favorite arias from Handel’s Messiah. This recording (from the late 1990s) conducted by Paul McCreesh contains some alternate versions of familiar arias, and unfortunately (for DR fans) splits the soprano role between two singers. (This is good news for fans of Susan Gritton, who also participated in Claus Guth’s staging of Messiah a few years later.)


  1. I recognize the picture - that's from the NYT review of her carnegie hall recital last winter! (Happy memories. . .)

    1. Bingo! And I bet you know every gown she's ever worn and can identify the recital by the gown, and you have pictures of all of them taped to the back of your closet door, and...

      OK maybe not. There are fangirls, and then there are fan-addicts!

    2. I don't think I'm quite far gone enough to identify all recitals by gown alone! (Though I have noticed she wears that black one quite a lot - it must be comfortable or something.)

    3. The advantages of being a minor super-star (versus say.. Renee Fleming) is you can get away with wearing the same gown now and then. And only your most fanatical fans will probably notice :)


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