Saturday, July 13, 2013

Trovatore on the Tube (at least Temporarily) – Harteros & Kaufmann

I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with U-toob. 

This week it’s love: JDD’s Master Classes on Wednesday, La Donna del Lago with JDD and JDF on Thursday and this gem on Friday night! 

Watch the new Bayerische Staatsoper production of Il Trovatore as soon as you can. (There are no subtitles, but it's easy enough to find a libretto to follow, if you don't already know it by heart.)

I don't know what to say about the staging yet, but the Bayerische Staatsoper rarely does anything that doesn't surprise or shock someone. (There's a church music adage that goes something like, "If your're not p*ssing someone off, you're not trying hard enough.") But there is some grand singing going on here. Do watch this very soon. BSO guards their mechanical rights pretty rabidly, so this offering will probably not be online for long.

An audio recording of opening night was around for a bit, but it's already gone.
Opera fugit. 

Conte di Luna Alexey Markov
Leonora Anja Harteros
Azucena Elena Manistina
Manrico Jonas Kaufmann
Ferrando Kwangchul Youn
Ines Golda Schultz
Ruiz Francesco Petrozzi
Ein Zigeuner Rafał Pawnuk
Ein Bote Joshua Stewart

The Bavarian State Orchestra
The Chorus of the Bavarian State Opera
Conductor Paolo Carignani
Production Olivier Py
Set and Costumes Pierre-André Weitz
Lighting Bertrand Killy
Chorus Sören Eckhoff


  1. . . . and what are we downloading right now? YES!! (I missed the live broadcast both times, so I'm glad it's resurfaced.)

  2. You know what's funny? When you click on it here it plays normally, but when you go to YouTube it's been deleted. I find it particulary odd because I was the one who posted this and then after a week got a terrifying email from YouTube basically telling me that if I kept posting this kind of stuff I'd go to jail or something. Funny enough I haven't watched it yet hahaha But I'm always glad to sharing this kind of stuff because, even though I know it's ilegal, YouTube is our only source to high end opera such as this in my part of the world. If it weren't for youtube I wouldn't have watched 99,9% of what I've seen and therefore probably wouldn't even like opera hahaha Why love/hate?

    1. Yes, YT is scary. They WILL eventually close your account (they closed mine, anyway.) The lesson is to grab a copy as soon as it appears! Thank YOU for posting it. I haven't watch much of it, and I haven't even listened to all of the audio broadcast, other than what I heard life. This opera company (and Scala) seems to be the most active in chasing down bootleggers!

  3. I watched the livecast of IT but wasted also delighted to catch it again via YT. It's a lot to take in at one go despite the familiarity. Thank you, Bela.

    There apparently will be a DVD release coming, despite earlier protestations to the contrary. That should just plan on recording everthing with Kaufmann & Harteros; they know we'll buy it.

    JDD is simply wonderful.


    1. "That should just plan on recording everthing with Kaufmann & Harteros; they know we'll buy it."



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