Friday, July 19, 2013

Gratuitous Friday/Gratuitous Luca – Luca Pisaroni is Lucifer

This little clip is from Handel's lesser known Italian Oratorio Per La Resurrezione Di Nostro Signor Gesù Cristo. Emannuelle Haim leads her little band and bass-barihunk Luca Pisaroni is the devil himself. 


Caddi, è ver, ma nel cadere
Non perdei forza né ardire,
Caddi, caddi, caddi, etc.…
…no, no, no, non perdei, etc.
Per scacciarmi dalle sfere
Se più forte allor fu Dio,
Or fatt’ uomo al furor mio
Pur ceduto ha con morire.
Caddi, è ver, etc.
I fell, ‘tis true, but in falling
I lost neither strength nor courage,
I fell, I fell, I fell, etc.…
…no, no, no, I lost not strength, etc.
Though when He threw me from the spheres
God was then the stronger,
now, as a man, He has succumbed
to my hate by dying.
I fell, ‘tis true, etc


  1. Gosh, I adore Luca! He's such a breath of fresh air! Amazing performer!

    1. Really! You just have to love him, even when he's the bad guy!


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