Thursday, July 18, 2013

On the Ephemeral Nature of the Interwebz – Opera Fugit

A Regie, or Not Regie post from a few days ago.
Pursuant to the discussion about Coloraturafan's departure from YT (again) over at Kinderkuchen for the FBI and at Parterre Box and the ephemeral nature of clips on that website: 

I lost my YT privileges over some BSO stuff, too. It pays to move quickly when we find out about these video/audio postings. 

With that in mind, hurry over to another Kinderkuchen post about complete operas on YT. Get 'em not only while they're hot, but also before they're suddenly not. 


  1. A useful catalog over there at Kinderkuchen, but I wonder if things like that don't do the Opera House Legal Departments' jobs for them.

    I suppose I understand why BStaats gets hot under the collar at these things, but maybe they would have less trouble with it if they did what everybody else does and archive their broadcasts for a limited time. This would help those of us in the western hemi who have day jobs, and also those who can't access the stream because half a million people have piled on at once.

    1. Good point. I sometimes wonder when I point out a YT clip, but then I think I'm probably safe, because how many people really are reading this blog?

      It's interesting that copies of DVDs seem to fare just fine on YT but the live performances you can't get anywhere else get snatched down quickly.

      I even mentioned in my review of Der Fliegende Hollander how nice it'd be if they would archive the performances even for a week. I only saw that performance because it was on a Saturday, and I remembered at the last minute that it was on.


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