Thursday, July 11, 2013

Joyce DiDonato: Master Singer, Master Coach, Master Class

Tent Poles
Once again, this time courtesy of the Royal Opera House in London, we are privy to the great insights of the great JDD. She is the kind of diva who'd be fun to have a beer with, or watch a movie, go on a hike, build a desk, or just hang out with.  I've pointed out before that Joyce DiDonato has lots of good advice, and not just about singing, but about life too. As I mentioned in an earlier JDD Master Class post, her Master Classes are not just for singers, or even just for musicians or opera lovers. Her classes are for everyone. If she ever (God forbid) gave up singing, she could have a marvelous career as a director.

So enjoy this classy lady's pearls of wisdom, and hear three up-and-coming young singers from the UK. The sessions are edited somewhat, which sounds frustrating; however, it's kinda nice to cut from the singing right to the coaching. The fourth clip is a special bonus: a brief interview with Our Yankee Diva. Thank you, JDD!


  1. Gotta give it to her: she kept me interested through the all four videos.

    Now I'm dying to find out who's the singer with a German-ish accent who gave her hard time in that Master Class! Any bets?

    1. That's the one of the four I haven't seen yet. I will watch and try to figure it out. (I hope the "hard time" was given in a friendly, collegial, non-confrontational manner :))

    2. The exact opposite, actually. And good for her for talking openly about it.


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