Monday, October 13, 2014

Anticipation – What I Downloaded Today...

...but don't have time to listen to till tomorrow:
Mitridate, rè di Ponto, K. 87 (74a)

Barry Banks (Mitridate)
Sophie Bevan (Sifare)
Lawrence Zazzo (Farnace)
Klara Ek (Ismene)
Robert Murray (Marzio)
Anna Devin (Arbate)
The Orchestra of Classical OperaIan Page, conductor
Recorded at St Jude-on-the-Hill, London, England, UK, 12 – 26 July 2013


  1. Is it any good? Inquiring minds... Mostly I'm curious about Barry Banks' Mitridate and Zazzo's Gia dagli occhi...

    1. Heya, sorry to take so long to respond.

      I have heard the recording through only once so I don't have a great insight yet. BB sounds good but of course he's no Richard Croft. Zazzo does nicely too, but I am beginning to think I'd rather hear a mezzo or contralto in this role (Oh the heresy!!) or maybe Max Emmauel Cencic.. OR Franco Fagioli (!!!)

      OF course my focus is on Miah Persson, who is as exquisite as always, and Sofie Bevan does a nice job as Sifare.

    2. Cheers for the update :-) mezzo/contralto Farnace is my choice, of course, but FF is allowed (actually, I don't mind anyone who can sound menacing enough, since he's the baddie).


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