Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Laurence Equilbey Conducts Mozart, Beethoven, and Weber

Live broadcast on October 11, 2pm (Eastern U.S. time) 
and in archive for a while thereafter.

 I just acquired LE's Mozart Requiem recording. Of course, it's amazing. 
More to follow about that. But meanwhile be sure this concert is on your to do list!


  1. I'm in Paris for the live event Saturday, and was at the same concert yesterday in a hall in Boulogne-Billancourt.

    I hear the Medici streaming will experiment with three different cameras which the viewer 'directs' her/himself. Can't wait to see it that way too.

    1. I am kinda envious. I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing it on medici, and to hearing your impressions, too.

    2. It's an odd program, but she makes these things fascinating. The Beethoven "Koenig Stephan" piece was meant as pure political propaganda; to me it felt it a bit Gilbert and Sullivan, inadvertently, but she made it all work and have depth and seriousness.

      The von Weber excerpt was a revelation. I really want to hear the whole thing now, but there are virtually no recordings of the entire Kampf und Sieg.


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