Friday, November 4, 2016

Re-Joyce, Re-Masterclass, Re-Carnegie, Re-Medici

After watching JDD's recent master classes, I went back to look at what I wrote about JDD's classes last January. Gasp! I never did a blog post about them. I was too deeply embedded in the Twitterverse at the time. SOoooo... In case you missed them, they still are available on medici. One highlight among many is JDD's revelatory work in the second session on Cara sposa with countertenor Daniel Moody that brought me to tears. Wow!!

Here is the second of the three January 2016 sessions:

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  1. thank you for posting these! I missed them as I thought you had to sign up to to watch their stuff. Fountain of wisdom as usual. I wonder where she gets the energy for it all?!

    I liked what she had to say about the connection a singer who is being truthful makes with members of the audience even as singing (appreciation) is so subjective. It brought to mind that Ombre pallide I heard her sing live and how to this day, that remains one of the strongest "connection" moments I had at the opera (I really thought I was going to pass out from the anguish she transmitted!).


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