Friday, August 10, 2012

Gratuitous Friday – Dorothea Röschmann IS Michaela

This one caught me by surprise.  Not only is Dorothea blonde(!), she's singing in French. 

Unfortunately, it seems she is not in the commercial DVD release of this 2006 Berliner Staatsoper production. It looks pretty interesting; it also stars Rolando Villazón, is conducted by Daniel Barenboim (apparently his first Carmen), and directed by Martin Kušej.  It seems Don José dies during the overture and the rest is in flashback. I hear that Escamillo falls before the Finale, too. 

Die blonde Dorothea

Here is the Overture. Note the alternate Michaela in this scene (booo)!!

The red scarf/blindfold stays with José
throughout the opera.

Does anyone know where we can find a video (or at least an audio) recording of this production with Dorothea?


  1. There's a Carmen from Berlin in 04 with her in it here:

    I've bought some CDs from these people (only the ones that are not available on proper recordings) and have found some great things - e.g. Dorothea as the Marschallin, Dorothea in Schubert's only opera, and Dorothea in recital . . . highly recommended.

    But aaaaaah I want that video to be longer! Like, the whole opera! life is not fair.

  2. ...or at least an entire scene would be nice. I pulled that from a 3-minute "highlights" video. I also had no idea she had appeared with R.V. Thanks for the tip on that other site. I will check it out.

    (It's clear he is thinking of neither his mother, NOR Michaela when he drops that flower and grabs her!!!)


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