Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Blog Posts I Wish I had Written

Now and then, I come across a blog post that really speaks to me.  It might be deep, thoughtful, spiritual, analytic, or just silly. Here are a few more that I wish I had written, and some clips to go with them. 

In Opera Canon vs. Opera Fanonat Pamina's Opera House, Pamina takes on some commonly believed opera plot myths, and explains why they simply are not true. 

Note that this "love duet" is really about Don Jose's mom.

The Earworm is one of my favorite blogs, and my fellow Röschmann-head. Her posts range from serious to silly.  In this one called Friday Operatic Advice, we read some words of wisdom from one of Mozart's favorite busybodies.

Patricia Petibon as Despina is
...well, she's not quite like anything.

I have not seen this full production yet. Check out a great evaluation of this performance over at operaramblings (another cool blog.)

I hope you enjoy these posts and others from these thoughtful bloggers. I'm going to re-read them and pretend I wrote them.  

Blogs Posts I Wish I had Written 
Further Blog Posts I Wish I had Written

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