Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Otterphile – Handel: Son nata lagrimar

Handel: Giulio Cesare: Son nata lagrimar
from the  Salzburger Pfingstfestspiele  2012
Music to melt the hardest heart:
Anne Sofie von Otter & Philippe Jaroussky
(the mean-looking guy is Ruben Drole)

(Make the jump for more info on this production, and a link to the complete first act!)

Both of these artists sing with such expression and feeling.  Sesto (Jaroussky) in complete pain at the loss of his father, Cornelia (von Otter) suffering her own loss, yet seeking to console her son. Through the tasteful use of vibrato and ornamentation, and extraordinary long lines and super breath control, Jaroussky and von Otter draw me beyond the drama and into their pain. When Cornelia moves with regal resignation to join the brothel, I can feel her agony and sense of loss.  Techically, I am also amazed at how well synchronized they are, even when not appearing to make any kind of eye contact- with each other or with the conductor. Bravi!

This production has been pretty controversial. I saw most of the live broadcast, understood most of, and didn't really mind all the Middle-East allusions. And the singing was wonderful! Other principals included Cecilia Bartoli, Andreas Scholl, and Christophe Dumaux. Even though a lot of people were outraged by the production and invoked the "ET" word that shall not be uttered on this blog, I am sure it would sell a bundle on DVD. Here's hoping!

A screen-capture from Cornelia's first aria.

Late breaking news:
Someone posted this entire performance (one post per act) Here is Act 1:
Check it out before someone decides it shouldn't be there!

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