Monday, November 5, 2012

Relief for Hurricane Sandy Victims in NYC

So many people are donating to the Red Cross and I wondered who else had campaigns going, so I started looking around for other ways to contribute to the Sandy relief effort. This one really struck me. Occupy Sandy Relief NYC is a community relief effort organized by Occupiers to help residents in the hardest hit areas of NYC recover from Hurricane Sandy. 

They have set up an registry so that we can order items and have them shipped directly to NYC. Here is an excerpt from the registry site:

"Help donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy by shipping items to the Occupy Sandy relief outpost at the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in Clinton Hill (520 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238).... We are Brooklyn residents and are in touch with the Occupy Sandy team who will receive the shipped items and organize daily deliveries to priority response areas. We are the updating the registry as we get updates on what is needed most in affected areas. PLEASE pay for the most expedited shipping - these items are needed ASAP!"

If we can't get close enough to help in person, here is one way to offer long-distance assistance.

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