Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Brunch – Cosi Fan Tutte: Ah Guarda Sorella

Dorabella already knows about the boys' plot to try to fool them. During the introduction, she thinks about it, hesitates, and then decides. She walks Fiordiligi over to show her the disguise the boys are going to wear when they pretend to seduce their girls. We're not sure Fiordiligi gets it yet.

As they brag about their boyfriends, each sister hands her photo to the other. At the beginning of the allegro, they suddenly realize they've been rhapsodizing over the wrong lover. 

With only slightly sheepish looks, they trade back their pictures. Dorabella seems pretty relaxed here, but Fiordiligi looks genuinely worried. She is taking this love thing much more seriously. 

This is the Hermanns' production for the Mozart 22 festival in Salzburg, 2006. For more comments and more clips, see my full review:

Cosi Fan Tutte – Salzburg, 2006 (M22)
  Part 3 Marry Me a Little

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