Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sale – Handel, Marthaler, Zurich Opera – Part 2

We found one review, of Marthaler's "new" Handel opera via the blog Welt der Oper neu.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the review is in German. Since it's late on election night, I'm not going to try to make a sensible (logical and in standard English) translation just now. 

With a strong reading comprehension of German, you'll get more detail than I did. However, with Google translate's literal translation, we can get some idea of how the evening went. 

For now, I think  it's safe to say that the direction was strong:
One could fill pages with innumerable well-observed human weaknesses, attitudes, complexes and phobias that Marthaler carefully developed from the gestures, the facial expressions, the body language of his people.*
And the singers, orchestra and director did a great job. The production itself was met with mixed responses from the from the audience (not surprising for a Marthaler production):
This resulted in the end of the premiere night to a divided response of the Hall: Jubilant expressed consent and vehement rejection clashed - and that was just as well: theater should move eventually, release emotions. This production succeeds!* 
*Translations by Google Translate

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