Monday, November 19, 2012

Monteverdi Monday – Philippe Jaroussky and Nuria Rial: Pur ti miro

I "discovered" the performance of Monteverdi's Zefiro torna by Nuria Rial, Philippe Jaroussky, and L’Arpeggiata after one of my readers (Juha) mentioned that they had recorded Pur ti miro from Poppea.  There are actually are three different performances of Pur ti miro by L’Arpeggiata on YouTube: 

This first one is from a TV awards show, with a Zefiro torna-like ciaconne introduction. (It almost has a Riverdance or Celtic Women vibe to it.) The ciaconne energy feeds into the beginning of the duet, and the tempo feels pushed at first. But the energy is exciting!

TV awards show

This one is from their studio recording; probably the most relaxed. It's interesting to hear the difference in performance when there is no audience present. 

And this one is from a live performance of their Teatro d'Amore program. For me, this is the most involved, most moving, and most fun performance of the three. Three cheers for live performances!!

From their Teatro d'Amore Concert

Which one do you like best?


  1. Great! My vote goes to... the two last performances!

    1. There's something charming and exciting about the first one. My favorite is the third one. I'm glad I have three to choose from! Thanks for directing me to these performances!

  2. Nuria is beautiful.


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