Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Wanna be Luca's Dog...

Tristan & Lenny
And no, I don't mean that in a figurative, kinky way. 
I mean I really would like to have the life of Luca Pisaroni's dogs. 

I mean, look at Lenny and Tristan! Their Dad is a famous opera singer. They call Vienna home.

Lenny & Luca

They go to the opera... photo shoots...

...and to the doggy spa.

They get to travel the world... 

...OK, it's in cargo, but still...

...and play in new parks all the time.

In the USA...

...and all over Europe.

Now, they didn't go to Tokyo with Luca this time. 

No, they are staying in a fancy-shmancy dog resort. 

There, they get to make new friends...

...and cavort and play in the snow...

...and take naps.

Their Granddad is a famous singer, too.

They have their own Facebook page...

...and they even have their own iPad.

Now do you see why I would like to be Luca's dog?
If this is a dog's life, bring it on.

Bonus Video - Lenny and Tristan's Dad (& Granddad)
I believe it was during this production that Luca 
met his future father-in-law, Thomas Hampson
and thus met his future wife.

Don Giovanni: Ho capito, signor sì! 
with Thomas Hampson, Ildebrando D'Arcangelo,
and Isabel Bayrakdarian
Salzburg 2006

All photos and videos of Lenny and Tristan are from their Facebook page. 

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