Thursday, March 6, 2014

As Seen On Facebook – Matthias Goerne Steps in for Thomas Hampson

I am very disappointed to have to cancel tonight’s performance of Wozzeck at the Met due to bronchitis. I hope to be better soon and look forward to singing this challenging genius opera. What great luck that my friend and colleague Matthias Goerne is in town and is willing to add tonight’s performance to his busy schedule. Wishing my wonderful colleagues, Maestro Levine, and the whole Wozzeck team and of course the audience a thrilling opening night. I will miss being there, be sure.
I feel sorry for Mr. Hampson. I know from personal experience that having bronchitis is no fun. And I'm very certain (though I do not have personal experience in this regard) that missing one's role debut as Wozzeck at the Met is extraordinarily disappointing. Best wishes for a speedy and thorough recovery, Mr. Hampson! 

I am sure Thomas Hampson fans holding tickets for tonight's performance were rather disappointed, too. But hopefully they were able to get over it and revel in the opportunity to hear the man who stepped in at very short notice.

It just so happens Matthias Goerne is in New York this week. Last night he sang Die Schöne Müllerin at Carnegie Hall, and last week he guessed it: concert with the Wiener Staatsoper. Herr Goerne is only just an Awesome Wozzeck (and an awesome just about anything he sings!)

It was live streamed on from the Met's website. I got to hear part of it. (in between wi-fi dropouts! Argh!!!) With James Levine conducting and Deborah Voigt, Matthias Goerne, and other fine singers singing, this work sounded lush and nearly romantic! It was an extraordinary performance!

I am so glad I just happened to check my Facebook feed at dinner time tonight!

As seen today on (who are very good about keeping their website up to date. He only said yes at around 2:00 PM today!): 

Goerne Steps in as Wozzeck

Matthias Goerne will be singing the title role in tonight's performance of Berg's Wozzeck, replacing Thomas Hampson, who is ill. Deborah Voigt stars as Marie, and Music Director James Levine conducts.


  1. The Met is having one of those weeks, it would seem :-)

    1. Some weeks are like that. Thanks for posting the link to the article! I love teh interwebz!

  2. I would regret missing Hampson if I was in NY but as substitutions go, this one ain't bad (re: bronchitis. Def not fun - I had it when I was six. I did I enjoy the sweet-tasting pink antibiotics, though.)

    1. I'd have been disappointed, too. But only temporarily. Meanwhile, I wonder if there's a Saturday afternoon broadcast of Wozzeck coming up...

    2. 3/22 at 1pm ET, I believe.

    3. @Stray: And so it is! Mr. Hampson should be back in good health by then!


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