Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Mahler with Christian Gerhaher (and a Little Mozart, too)

Too good to be true? Yes. Yes it is. The Berliner Philharmoniker never gives anything away, and so they fade out before the end of the song! But it's still worth posting and watching/listening. Plus it was time to turn the spotlight away from Matthias Goerne—briefly—to remind us how amazing Herr Gerhaher is.

I had to give up my annual Digital Concert Hall subscription, but there are programs that are worth paying a few bucks to see, one-at-a-time. (Including the Schumann Faust concert!) Or pay for a month, then stay home and watch non-stop to get the most for your Euro.

Meanwhile, today’s post was going to be my debrief of Saturday’s La Clemenza di Tito from Munich, but I am still mulling it over. I've had two good conversations with My Dad about it, and I am working on conclusions. 

My Dad and I both thought it was well-sung, and loved the integration of the clarinet and basset horn soloists into the drama; not so thrilled about the opening of Act 2 when Annio had to cover the harpsichord continuo for the recitatives. But we disagree about the casting of Toby Spence as Tito. not his singing—we both thought he was great—but Dad thinks Tito should sound more heroic, and I'm happy with a gentler emperor.

I also took the opportunity to focus My Dad’s attention on the Salzburg Kušej Tito so beloved by so many. This posting on YouTube has no subtitles, but who needs them when you’ve got a cast like this?


  1. I love the idea of binge-watching the Berlin Philharmonic.

    1. I know! It sounds great--too bad I also have to earn a living!


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