Wednesday, February 12, 2014

La Clemenza Online this Weekend from the Bayerische Staatsoper

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's LA CLEMENZA DI TITO 

Toby Spence, Kristine Opolais, Tara Erraught, 
Hanna-Elisabeth Müller, Angela Brower and Tareq Nazmi 

Don't miss the online broadcast on 

Live and free of charge from Bayerische Staatsoper: 
Saturday, February 15, 7:00 PM Munich Time (1 PM NYC Time).

Publio and Tito

Sesto and Vitellia

(More photos and another video after the jump.)

Sesto and Tito
And it's about time the clarinetist got equal stage time with Sesto!
(here's hoping for a on-stage basset horn for Vitellia)


  1. Now I'm torn. To go see Holten's Don Giovanni in cinema, or to stay home and watch this.

    1. welllllll....these webcasts... have... a way of reappearing...however briefly....erm... as unofficial encores... so I'm told...there seem to be ways...I've heard... of seeing the broadcasts in ... if you know what I mean...

    2. Why, I'd never...! ;)

    3. Of course! You'd never and I'd never, but someone might...


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