Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Brunch - Mattias Goerne Talks About (and Sings) Schubert

From Spanish television: Some clips of Herr Goerne (my baritone-crush of the month) rehearsing/recording An Sylvia and speaking (in English, Gott sei dank) about his series of Schubert Lieder recordings. 

And here is the full song:


  1. Lovely! Having only heard him live in a very, very dark program of Mahler and Shostakovich, seeing him relaxed and smiling, not to mention hearing him sing cheerful/flirtatious lieder, comes as something of a shock!

    1. Isn't it? And though we love dark,brooding, mysterious Matthias, it's kind of nice to see light happy friendly Matthias now and then!


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