Friday, February 14, 2014

Gratuitous Friday – Matthias Goerne Smiles!

German baritone Matthias Goerne smiles...but apparently not often.
On the February 2014 issue of Opera Now

His angst is confirmed in this quote from his Opera Now interview:
 Even if I'm happy, things in the world around seem almost unbearable. 
But he's still my favorite* Baripsycho, 
and boy, is he magical in this exquisite Schubert Lied: 

Matthias Goerne & Helmut Deutsch

*For this week, anyway. I waver between Herr Goerne and Christian Gerhaher.


  1. What a contrast! He looked so stern on that one other recital album of his (the one with DR).

    Re: Gerhaher, I was just listening to his Salzburg recital again. That is some nice singing there.

  2. Yeah, I think I have to revise my "psychotic" description of MG -- I guess he's depressive too. No wonder I relate so well to him. The article also reveals that he has a daughter, but no mention of a wife or husband. The mystery continues :).

    Re: Gerhaher in Salzburg, I need to give that another listen. Also Re: Gerhaher, see tomorrow's post.


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