Thursday, September 6, 2012

What's the difference between fanboy (or girl) and stalker?


Fanboy of the Opera*

Contrary to the opinion of certain people, I am not stalking Luca Pisaroni. 

Not real-life stalking, nor cyber-stalking. 

Yes, I track down any performance broadcasts I can find. 

Yes, I check for updates on his webpage. 

Yes, I "liked" his Facebook page. 

Yes, I even "liked" Lenny and Tristan's Facebook page. (Their lives are a lot more interesting than a lot of humans I know!)  

But I am not following him around or going through his trash (I don't even know where he lives!) I just want to hear him sing and watch him act. Is that such a bad thing? 

I may be bordering on becoming a fanboy–I don't think I am there yet. But I am definitely not a stalker.  

If you have been reading this blog for more than a few days, you probably have already figured out that I actually have several favorites whom I track more closely than other singers. Among these are: 

Jonas Kauffman

Malin Hartelius

Simon Keenlyside

Miah Persson

Philippe Jaroussky

Luca Pisaroni

Dorothea Röschmann

Anne Sofie von Otter

Tristan and Lenny
But I am not a stalker!  

*Fanboy of the Opera image by Petit-Neko


  1. Nah, you're not a stalker. (If you are, I am too, and of some of the same artists - but I don't think I am).

    Healthy appreciation and admiration! Nothing wrong with that :)

  2. If you are (were?) a stalker I would have to confess to the almost identical passions--Jaroussky excepted as counter tenors do not exist in my world! I was thrilled to see you included the great Malin Hartelius; to me she is the best Countess (Figaro) since Elizabeth Schwarzkopf even if my feelings for the production are less enthusiastic.

  3. Thanks for your comments, David. The Earworm (see above) initially called my attention to Hartelius.

    I agree with you about that Figaro. I am a fan of many in the cast (especially Michael Volle) but ambivalent about the staging. Frankly the only Bechtold production I've found convincing (so far) is his Cosi with... you guessed it, Malin Hartelius! (oh, and Ruben Drole)

  4. I agree with you re Cosi. I almost didn't buy it but the presence of Hartelius sealed the deal. I bought the Pelleas: well sung and real attention paid to the text. The production is a mess on almost every level. For me, though, the nadir was the Rosenkavlier. I simply resist dramatic sopranos who attempt to sing the Marschalin; to my ears it is simply the wrong kind of sound. I know it is probably Jones best outing and she does look beautiful and the rest of the cast (Popp and Fassbinder) are excellent. After Schwarzkopf and Jurinac I am forever spoiled. But it was the production that I found ludicrous and surely the worst Italian Tenor ever!


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