Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Brunch – Emily Magee is Arabella

I watched two different versions of Arabella this weekend; while looking for clips to go with the reviews, I found this on YouTube. 

Emily Magee recently has become another object of my fanboy affection (See Tosca and Ariadne reviews). Tomasz Konieczny looks like a baritone worth following, too. I hope I can track down this entire performance, especially since it also features Genia Kühmeier and Michael Schade.             
               Final scene from Arabella

Emily Magee (Arabella) 
Tomasz Konieczny (Mandryka) 

Franz Welser-Möst, Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera

Sven-Eric Bechtolf (stage direction)

Recorded at the Wiener Staatsoper 9 May 2012


  1. I have ordered this from Amazon; I too am a fan of Ms. Magee and look forward to hearing--and seeing--this production. You make no comment regarding the edition used: I am assuming that Vienna would not consider the 1933 revision (used for some bizarre reason in Zurich) but stick to the original three act version.

    I await your response.

  2. Hi David, Good question.

    From this production,I have only seen this one clip so far, so I am not sure. However what I can tell from some quick research, it *probably* is the three-act version. I'd be interested to know what you learn once you receive your copy of the DVD.


    1. I's the 3 Act version

    2. Thanks for the update. I am pleased that my deduction was correct.


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