Monday, September 10, 2012

Monteverdi Monday – Philippe Jaroussky and Mathias Vidal

In this scene from Pier Luigi Pizzi's production of  L' incoronazione di Poppea, Emperor Nerone (Countertenor Philippe Jaroussky, right) and his friend Lucano (Tenor Mathias Vidal, left) are singing about how beautiful Nerone's girlfriend Poppea is and how much Nerone loves her.  

Or are they?

This clip might make some folks uncomfortable and others may find it hot.  (Some may feel both ways about it.)

To the uncomfortable: Sorry about that. I won't be flippant and tell you to loosen up (although the action is merely suggestive.) Instead, I recommend you minimize the video and simply listen to the beautiful singing.

To the others: You're welcome!

Nerone and his "good friend" Lucano sing of love.
"Or che Seneca è morto, cantiam"


  1. I guess I probably shouldn't watch this at work

  2. I think this one is safe for work. You can find much racier stuff on network TV.

  3. "Good friend" in quotes is right! Clearly Nerone's mind is not entirely on Poppea . . .

    And it's great singing, too.


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