Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Otterphile Bonus – The Eyes Have It

I made this clip for my review of Capriccio, (yes, that review really is coming up – next week, in fact!) but I just couldn’t wait to share it. This is the scene in which the actress Clarion (Anne-Sofie von Otter) is “auditioning” the Count (Dietrich Henschel), an amateur thespian. Watch as ASvO channels Norma Desmond via Carol Burnett. 

As a bonus, enjoy the great reaction shots of poet Olivier (Gerald Finley) as his words are “dramatized.”

Warning: Do not adjust your set–there is no music in this clip. 

In case we weren't sure this was set in the 1940's...

Complete Review of this Production:
Capriccio – Opéra National de Paris, 2004
  Part 1 Opera about Opera
  Part 2 A Decision Not to Decide

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