Friday, September 14, 2012

Siegfried @ the Met – No More Double-post Days

I really need to stop posting more than once a day. This is what happens when I work ahead and schedule posts, then have brilliant (?) thoughts that simply can't wait!

So, I watched the beginning of Siegfried last night. I noticed again how much all the characters like to chat about what has already happened. I think you could start right at Götterdämerung and not miss much of the plot of the whole cycle. (Of course you’d miss some great music).  Then I got distracted by an email that required a thoughtful response, and heard the opera but didn’t watch as closely for a bit.

When I did manage to look up again, the Machine looked pretty, and I liked how the Woodbird landed on Siegfried. Of course, we could see all of the background scenery on Siegfried.  I think Jay Hunter Morris makes a handsome, Scandinavian-looking Siegfried. My impression vocally, however, is that he maybe should protect his lyric tenor by approaching other such heavy roles cautiously—at least for now.
Again, I have it TiVo-ed. Maybe there is a Ring-marathon weekend coming up? Except, I also have an Arabella, a Cenerentola, and Lorin Maazel’s 1984 sitting on top of my DVD stack.  

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  1. I too always have trouble waiting to post when I've written something I really like - it's like it'll vanish or something if I don't share.

    Re: Gotterdammerung and the characters chatting about past events - I think Anna Russell came to much the same conclusion :)

    1. Anna Russell was part of my original post! I thought I was going on too long, (I don't know why. That's never stopped me before!)so I trimmed her out. Anna was my first formal introduction to the Ring.

      I saw the Norns tonight and just started laughing. That and thinking about the fact that every woman Siegfried meets is one of his aunts.


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