Monday, December 10, 2012

Further Stupid Reviewer Comments

Ready or not, here comes round three of reviewer comments from reviews:

…the stage was very dark (i.e. lack of lighting)

Thanks for clarifying that.

...if you are deaf and color-blind I urge you to purchase this recording.

A strong endorsement from the folks at ADA?

I have little use for Zefferelli's Shakespeare or Opera films: the best I can say about La Traviata is that it's not quite so horrible as The Taming of the Shrew.

One wonders why this person bothered looking at it in the first place.

These M/22 productions were a travestry [sic] of Eurotrash! Hey, bad enough to give Eurotrash a bad name.
Hey, that was almost witty.

Given the number of universally negative reviews, I will not say anything new about this macabre production.

Annnnd, you didn't. What was your point again?

To continue citing this production [sic] flaws is somewhat tedious...

And yet you did continue; and you were right, it was tedious.

I have never seen a bearded Count before! Everyone knows that a man in such a hot desire, or simply a lustful but elegant seducer, plus an aristocrat in this case, is cleanly shaven!

Oh really? What rule book is that from?

Cafe Momus was suddenly upgraded to Maxine's for no discernable reason…. Enough has been said about the bad lip-synking  … Don't get me wrong - I am by know means a rabbid traditionalist…but I finally had to pull out the old Theresa Status tape to get rebalanced. 

The typos in this post are all original...I got tired of writing [sic]

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  1. The one about "everyone knows aristocratic seducers are clean shaven" made me laugh out loud - clearly this person has access to a rule book that the rest of us missed out on!

    It strikes me that Rabbid with the two b's is probably the name of some obscure 80s metal band.

    1. "It strikes me that Rabbid with the two b's is probably the name of some obscure 80s metal band."

      If not, it should be!!

  2. In defense of the Zeffirelli comment, that could have been written by me (it wasn't, though). He was the director we loved to hate -- he was so evil he turned Grand Central Station into a lightless depressing commuter gulag for years -- so why wouldn't you make an effort to see everything he did?

    1. You have a point. And I was fairly sure that comment wasn't yours. You're way more articulate, and you'd handle the non sequitur much better. :)


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